Saturday, March 28, 2009


WITH the SL Defence Forces cornering the tamil tiger hyenas to a mere one kilometer plus the skirt width of the women and children they currently hold hostage in a massive human shield, the combat tasks of the SLAF have almost ground to a halt.

Currently the SLAF engages in med-evac and logistics operations conducted using helicopters and the heavy lifters only. Except for an unsuccessful incident involving a couple of shoulder launched missiles fired by the LTTE targetting two medevac choppers from among the civillians in the safe zone, the SLAF is in for a boring rest of the war it seems.
The missile firing came as a rude awakening for the SLAF, though without any losses. The LTTE goons are known to have acquired 10 shoulder launched missiles recently, but the ones that were fired on the SLAF choppers were easily deflected by the magnesium flares carried on board.

The LTTE were unable to acquire sophisticated anti-aircraft weaponry during the time of the Bush administration, but the playing field has since then appears to be changing gradually. How the LTTE managed to acquire these weapons would be interesting to know for the world's military intelligence, for it quite clearly shows a dangerous turn of events.

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