Sunday, March 1, 2009


DEMOCRACY is a meaningless term when the voice of the voter is not heard in government decisions. When citizens of a nation fail to impose their will upon the government by failing to adequately instruct the elected officials what their exact expectations are, such nations suffer from a lack of direction and become the victim of much social malaise. We have seen plenty of that in the past half century of democracy.

As Sri Lankans, we are not only guilty of failing to hold government officials accountable for their misdeeds, we have also for decades been silent spectators to the unending death and destruction in our country caused by the LTTE, conveniently blaming the outcome on politicians, our own karma and everyone else but our selves.

If as Sri Lankans, you are ready to do something about it, please visit the following link and sign the petition which directs the Sri Lankan government to continue with all necessary means to eradicate terrorism from our motherland, irrespective of anyone else' views.

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