Wednesday, April 29, 2009


THE pressure on Sri Lanka to let the tamil tigers off the hook is so great it could give some one a serious headache. But not the present government, whose tenacity is in itself a requisite lesson in dealing with not only modern day terrorism, but also its attendent support structure.

Though nations such as Britain pay lip service to anti-terrorism rhetoric, and occasionally its over zealous anti-terror police force shoot the wrong suspect repeatedly in the head, there has hardly been any discernible action when acts of terror have been committed by pro-LTTE elements against Sri Lanka and its citizens from British soil. In the meanwhile the British are busy making blatantly unrealistic demands from the soveriegn state of Sri Lanka to commit to a cease-fire which will only benefit the tamil terrorists who continue to hold thousands of tamil civillians hostage.

In the meanwhile Sri Lankan Defence Forces have concluded all mass scale combat operations and have decided to limit the use of heavy weaponry to avoid causing civillian casualties. This is now necessitated by the fact that LTTE thugs are hiding among tamil civillians and are difficult to identify. Nevertheless the SLAF is still involved in providing close air support for operations conducted in other areas of LTTE acitivity and logistical needs of special operations groups in the territory still under tamil tiger control. The SLAF also is available for the taking out of any clearly identified terrorist target within the hostage zone, should the need arise.

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