Wednesday, January 16, 2008


As events unfold, an age old truism continues to hold value even in the present day anti-terrorism war in Sri Lanka.

Following the ill-concieved, mal-formed and still-born ceasefire, the Tamil Tiger terrorists held unchallenged sway over vast areas in the north and east of Sri Lanka, under the auspises of their Norwegian sponsors. While the Sri Lankan government of those times continued to silently bear the cost of feeding the so called 'eelam tamils' in the LTTE infested areas, the terrorists embarked on a bloody purge of anyone even remotely suspected of being opposed to them. Hundreds of Tamil civillians disappeared overnight as LTTE killer squads roamed the areas under their control settling age old vandettas, slaughtering anyone pointed out to them by their entrenched supporters. Most of those abducted into the torture camps built specifically for this purpose in the dense jungles never returned. Among those who did, was a former ardent supported of the LTTE's cause.

This is his story;

My incarceration and the aftermath
By Rajasingham Jayadevan

However, there is a silver lining to this sad story.

The Tamil civillians are gradually rebelling against the repressive LTTE and are providing valuable intelligence to Sri Lankan forces to carry out strikes against the terrorists. These attacks have proven the most effective so far, even though the military intelligence would claim credit for their share of it. As much as the nation owes gratitude to its insanely brave sons and daughters who defend her, we also need to appreciate the contributions that are being made by the besieged Tamil civillians and treat them with utmost kindness while eliminating the LTTE from their lives completely.

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