Friday, April 13, 2007

Chengdu F 7 Skybolt

The F 7 is an improved Chinese version of the world renown Russian built Mig-21, which has faught in almost every theater of war all over the world. Sri Lanka's own experience with the Mig21 goes back to 1971, when the USSR gifted at least four Mig-21s to the then Sirima Bandaranaike government to oversome the first JVP insurrection.

In a recent article arm chair defence pundit Iqbal Athas claimed that Sri Lanka 'never' had these aircraft. Athas also predicted imminent victory of tamil terror over democracy in Sri Lanka several times through the years, going as far back as the mid 1990's.

Sri Lankans do have short memories and too much forebearance, which obviously helps perpetuate absence of professionalism where quality matters. In my opinion, Athas is a panic-monger whether deliberately or otherwise, whose hidden agenda seems to be to demoralize the English media reading Sri Lankan elites against having any hope of winning against brutal tamil racist terrorism. Only an imbecile would not be able to guess who'd benefit from such a situation.

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